Friday, August 31, 2007

New Technology!

I understand that the new long arm quilting machines, interface with laptop computers, connect to the internet and allow you to down load patterns. It will be great when there is sufficient time to put into practice the things I've learned here in 23Things.

Week 1 & 2

Learned much from site.

Final Thoughts!?

Wish there was time, wish it was more appropriate to what I do in my job.

PodCast? NetLibrary & Overdrive?

Sorry, couldn't stand the music! I'll pass. Been there done that.


Everytime I see YouTube, I think of teletubbies! Sorry, I don't want to broadcast myself! Bad enough in person! Did see some really interesting clips about Amish and quilts. YahooVideo wanted to download, forget that! And Google video, first thing on the screen was a fire fart! Think I'll pass.

Online Tools & Awards!

ZOHO Writer?! Security, I'm sure isn't a problem. Now after retirement and I have lots of time on my hands, maybe, just maybe some quilter out there, will send me something they have already done! The awards list was impressive.

Wiki? Wikipedia? Sandbox?

Not interested in building a Wiki. Understand the concept, but who makes certain the edits are factual? Now the Sandbox was interesting, some really cool links, but I especially liked Jeri's page.